Healthcare Professionals

The ALGSA is very involved in science and research initiatives including many initiatives developed and led right here at the ALGSA. In 2024, the ALGSA is developing the ALGSA Scientific Research Network, expanding on areas of research interest within the community of patients and stakeholders, as well, we are building on our ALGSA Collaborative Scientific Research Grant program that you will see grow this is year.

Request an ALGSA Hospital Binder for Your Team

ALGS families are our top priority and you are a pivitol bridge between important resources that may help them beyond what your facility can provide. We offer unique and case-by-case finacial assistance for financial hardship, bereavement, mental health services, continuity of care, and natural disasters. We have programs and events specifically designed to include, educate, encourage, and lift up patients and families in times of need and everyday. Learn more about these resources by requesting a hospital kit for you and/or your staff so you can bridge the gap and offer the patient resources they need.