ALGSA Jr. is a program dedicated to ALGS warriors and siblings under the age of 18 through events, age appropriate resources and connections. This space is specifically designed for kids to be kids! Please email us anytime to discuss ideas and current needs for kids at

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  • ALGSA Jr. Events
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ALGSA Jr. Programs


Developmentally appropriate resources are available to support the understanding of ALGS for even some of the youngest patients!

What is Alagille Syndrome? Preschool

What is Alagille Syndrome? Elementary

What is Alagille Syndrome Middle/High School

Succeeding In The Classroom With Alagille Syndrome

Book Nook

Reading books about rare disease or medical procedures can help children understand their bodies and what takes place during hospital visits. The Recommended Reading List and Story Time video database are a great place to start to find your child's next favorite book!

Recommended Reading List

Story Time

Zara Shares Her Stripes

HOWL the OWL Series

Teen Council

There is no one better equipped to talk about the needs of teens within the ALGS community than TEENS! We want each of you to be educated and empowered to advocate for your needs.

Our next zoom meeting will be Wednesday, March 13th at 5:30 pm

Contact Form link (must include parents email address for consent)

ALGSA Jr. Events

Jr. events are designed to engage, educate and create connections between ALGS warriors and siblings around the world!

Check back for our information on our next event!

ALGSA Jr. Merch

The ALGSA has inventory in stock of these ALGSA Jr. tees and awareness wristbands in junior and adult sizes. To order, email

The ALGSA's new merch store also has junior sized apparel! Click YOUTH in the menu of the store to see all items available for kids!