Virtual Walk

What is the Virtual Walk?  The Virtual Walk is the biggest single fund raiser that we hold each year.  ALGSA families form teams, collect pledges from friends and family and then either walk or don't walk.  Some teams hold big events where they invite a lot of people, have a raffle and have lots of fun.  Others just get pledges for themselves as teams of 1.  One team gets people to sponsor as much as money as they want to per mile and then tries to ride as many miles on a bike as possible during Virtual Walk month.  It is really up to you as far as how you want to raise money. 
When does the Virtual Walk take place? We hold the Virtual Walk from September to October.  This year's virtual walk will be held from Septebember 1st through October 15th. 
What is the money that is raised used for? The Alliance uses the money in a variety of ways including:  producing the ALGS Care toolkit - a comprehensive tool for addressing care challenges for people with Alagille Syndrome; funding programs for ALGS families like the ALGSA Mentor Program which is planned for 2017 and will bring together ALGS patients and caregivers in a nuturing and private environment; helping fund the Symposium which is a huge get together of ALGS families and doctors. The next one is planned for 2018. 
Is the Virtual Walk a competition between teams? Not really.  However, we do give out prizes for teams that raise a certain amount of money.  It is really just a way to say thank you to the families for raising the money, and it gives teams something to shoot for in terms of a fund raising goal.