ALGSA Fight for a Better Life

ALGSA Fight For A Better Life, formerly known as the annual ALGSA Virtual Walk, is the Alagille Syndrome Alliance’s largest fundraising campaign. It runs for six weeks, from September 1 through October 15 each year. This virtually-based fundraising event branches out to include team and individual fundraising activities at physical locations around the globe. Each year the ALGSA encourages all those affiliated with this rare genetic disease, whether through pharmaceutical companies, organizational partnerships, friends and families of ALGS loved ones in the USA and abroad, or those looking to make a promising impact in a needful community, to consider fundraising for the betterment of services we offer to our community.

The concept is simple. Willing volunteers start a fundraising campaign or team and hold one or more events to collect pledges or donations that contribute to the ALGSA Fight For A Better Life annual fundraising goal. Each fundraiser and their team works toward their own specified goal in fun and creative ways. Past teams have reached and exceeded their Fight goals through BBQ events, soda can collecting, 5K runs, fundraising picnics and gatherings, candy bar sales, yard sales, online auctions, and multi-media artwork parties. The possibilities are limitless.

Monies raised during the ALGSA Fight For A Better Life are invaluable to our community in countless ways. In past years, the Fight has helped to build the ALGSA Symposium into the largest gathering of those living with ALGS in the world. This event, held every three years, has continued to grow in attendance by families and medical professionals, critical knowledge offered, and international participation, playing a central role in helping those with ALGS and their families confidently and successfully conquer the challenges of this rare disease.

The ALGSA Fight For A Better Life also contributes in numerous other ways to build better lives for everyone who is challenged by ALGS. It makes it possible for the ALGSA to develop print and online resources that positively impact those living a life with this complex disease. These crucial materials, distributed free of charge to our worldwide community, coupled with local and international outreach, a presence at rare disease conferences, aiding the scientific and research community in bringing ALGS studies to the forefront, maintaining online support groups and services, and growing a continued online engagement with those affected by ALGS are all supported by funds raised during ALGSA Fight For A Better Life. You have taken the first step by reading about the ALGSA Fight For a Better Life.

We hope you will consider starting an individual fundraiser or team to contribute to the ALGSA’s work so that we are able to continue to build our outreach, services, and educational materials for those fighting for a better life with ALGS. Every contribution helps the ALGSA fulfill its mission, one critical step at a time.

To start a fundraiser or team for the ALGA Fight For A Better Life, please click the button below:

To help you build your fundraiser or team, here are resource guides and materials that you may find useful:
DONOR LETTER (Microsoft Word document)
PRESS RELEASE (Microsoft Word document)
ALGS ALLIANCE 501c3 PROOF (PDF document)