Buy ALGS Gear

Show your ALGS pride with some great gear!

We have just added multi-colored ALGS wrist bands with the saying "Build a Better life with ALGS".  They are $2 each (plus shipping and handling) and come in three sizes: Child (7 inches), Youth (7.5 inches), Adult (8 inches).  If you would like a batch of wrist bands to sell, please use the contact form HERE to send us your address and order information.  Thank you very much!


ALGS wrist band close up

Why are we selling the great looking t-shirts shown below?  First, we designed them to support Rare Disease Day 2016 by publicizing it and making people more aware of the event.  Second, we decided to make them available throughout the year because our most and least favorite (it is a love/hate thing) rare disease is Alagille Syndrome.  Order a shirt today and wear it proudly.  Don't forget to post your ALGS Warrior selfie on your favorite social media site - use the hashtags #algswarrior #rarediseaseday.  Have fun!

ALGS Warrior T-Shirts - use the order link below to order yours now!