Hosting an ALGSA fundraiser event for the Alagille Syndrome Alliance is a wonderful way to get involved if you aren’t sure where to start, but feel compelled to do something. Hosting an event can be a big undertaking, depending on what type of event you choose to consider.

Other event types are simple and fairly painless to plan. Events benefiting the ALGSA over the last year include wine & paint nights with friends, 5k’s, restaurant rebate nights, shoe drives, fundraising sales, and more. If you are considering hosting an event, please fill out the form below with event details or ideas or contact Cher Bork, ALGSA Development Manager, with questions, ideas, or to learn about event hosting options.

We have created a few event toolkits for easy planning.





Why should I host an event benefiting the ALGSA?

Supporters of the ALGSA host events benefiting the organization for different reasons, depending on their motivation. The ALGSA is the ONLY local, national, and international organization that DIRECTLY supports ALGS scientists and researchers without having to build up a fund account for a grant dispersement for ALGS work.

We have campaigns to raise funding for ALGS scientists every year and then honor the chosen lab with a lump sum. We do this to support and encourage scientists making strides in ALGS science as well as to support continued interest in this rare disease. Another reason people choose to host an event is to educate their friends and family about the rare syndrome causing havoch in their lives.

Bringing friends and family into the loop can be difficult when you are so busy dealing with ALGS. A paint night or restaurant rebate night can be a special way to include them in your life, educate them on the syndrome, raise awareness, and raise money all while having fun with those you love.

Where does the money go that we raise?

Monies raised by events inside and outside the ALGSA go into the general operating fund, unless otherwise specified, to be dispersed upon board approval to ALGSA initiatives that include programs benefiting ALGS families, administrative costs, ALGS science, partner programs, national and international outreach, scientist and researcher recruitment, and much more. We are extremely active and work hard to find ways to improve ALGS knowledge and understanding, knowing we work on a tight budget.

How do you support the events hosted by families?

The ALGSA, sometimes, has materials available for events that can be sent free of charge. We will guide you, help you plan if needed, and work with you to have a wonderful, fun, and educational event that everyone on your guests list will enjoy.


“Mobilizing resources, facilitating connections, promoting unity, and advocating for a cure to inspire, empower, and enrich the lives of people affected by Alagille Syndrome.”