Individual ALGS Warrior stories and family stories help the ALGSA advocate for research, clinical trials, funding, and more. We are always interested in sharing the stories of ALGS Warriors across our social media platforms, in our ALGSA e-News, on our website here, and in our marketing and resource materials. Along with helping the ALGSA to advocate for better treatments and care, your stories inspire other families going through similar circumstances.

When families visit our website, sometimes they are looking for a life line…..your stories help them feel hopeful and less isolated. YOUR STORY MATTERS and YOUR STORY INSPIRES others to seek support when needed for whatever ALGS situation may be weighing them down at the moment. Please consider sharing your individual ALGS Warrior story or Warrior Family story with the ALGSA today and make a difference in the lives of those coming here looking for answers, hope, education, and support.

Use the form below to submit your story to the ALGSA. Each submission must be accompanied by a signed ALGSA Photo/Video Release form, found [HERE]. Print and sign the release form and include it with the submission in PDF or picture format. Once you “SUBMIT YOUR STORY”, the ALGSA editorial team will deeply consider your story carefully. We may contact you, after the submission, at the email you provided to complete the story. You will be notified when your story is published.


  1. Print and sign ALGSA Photo/Video Release form. Scan and upload or take a picture and upload into submission form.
  2. Complete SUBMIT YOUR STORY submission form. Stories must be 300 words or less.
  3. SUBMIT when completed


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